Hope Community Church

Scatter Sunday at Hope Community Church | Sept. 6, 2020

With a passion to visually share stories of God’s love and His work in progress, I’ve taken initiative over these past several months to tell these stories of Hope in visual and creative ways, even before I started working at Hope. I also have several ideas I’ve been wanting to work on (in my spare time), to share the story of Hope, strengthen communication in fresh fun ways, inspire, and encourage. Here’s something I created after the retreat as an example on how we can tell Hope’s story (keep in mind, I just threw this together from pictures and videos I already had):

We do so much planning, prepping and executing – I see there is a big piece missed thereafter… further sharing info for greater impact and communication (Judgement House, FIA and everything in-between). Here are some examples of articles that have been published sharing the impact of Hope’s outreach efforts:




Additionally, sharing the stories of Hope is something I enjoy:

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