Our Unbelievable Adventure

I’ve told our story about a dozen times or so over the past 3 years, and every time it’s just as marvelous, magical, and unimaginable as when it was all happening and unraveling before our eyes. When people ask WHY we moved from California to Ohio, my husband usually jokes and says “we lost a bet”… but is the real reason – and it’s pretty UNBELIEVABLE!


Every day should be a ‘holiday/reason/opportunity’ to celebrate love! And April 18th is my family ‘s special holiday to honor and celebrate all the love in our life🎉 OK- full disclosure (it’s not a secret) I love to celebrate! Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Well, I’ve loved to celebrate “the little things” for aContinue reading “LOVE DAY 2020”

Homeless During a Pandemic

In less than a week, all our lives have changed (if yours hasn’t – go wash your hands, NOW). Every single person in this country is affected by this pandemic, one way or another. Last week the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) got escalated to a pandemic, and word was getting around that schools mightContinue reading “Homeless During a Pandemic”