Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

Have you ever fasted? I hadn’t really thought about it until I watched that infamous “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary with Joe Cross and I fell in love with the concept of it all. Of course it makes sense to give our bodies a break and let it heal itself! The surge of micro-nutrientsContinue reading “Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD”

Day 2: Because of You & the 1st Christmas Party too

It was very important for me to document my mission trip and share it with you, because it was YOU who made it happen! All your donations, prayers and support helped make if possible  so I wanted to make sure I share this with you, as it’s your journey too. Extreme Response (ER) Christmas PartyContinue reading “Day 2: Because of You & the 1st Christmas Party too”

I’m On A Mission…

…well almost! The seed was first planted in my heart in 2012 when a good friend of mine came back from a mission trip to Cambodia! I asked the poor guy probably 100 questions that night and I was even holding back (which isn’t really out of character, I nicknamed myself “Queen of Questions” backContinue reading “I’m On A Mission…”

Living a Sinful Christian Life

I remember the first time I really contemplated “sin”, I was at church… fitting right? It was a couple years ago, I had recently started going to church and during the sermon the topic of sin came up. I looked at my husband, baffled, and asked him “what is sin?” I felt really stupid forContinue reading “Living a Sinful Christian Life”