Sitting in the Unknown

Saturday, April 11, 2020 Today. The day after Good Friday, and the day before Easter, was a very dark and uncertain time in history. Over 2000 years ago Jesus was crucified on the cross on “Good Friday”, dying for your and my sins as the ultimate sacrifice – God’s unimaginable gift of grace extended toContinue reading “Sitting in the Unknown”

Homeless During a Pandemic

In less than a week, all our lives have changed (if yours hasn’t – go wash your hands, NOW). Every single person in this country is affected by this pandemic, one way or another. Last week the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) got escalated to a pandemic, and word was getting around that schools mightContinue reading “Homeless During a Pandemic”

Packing Party Commencement Day

Written January 12, 2018: And the day is here… I’m starting to pack and feeling exhilarated and nervous all at the same time. Lots of packing to do, and even more purging ahead. We’ve lived in our home for 8 years, we completed our family here, so I have a plethora of memories, momentos, andContinue reading “Packing Party Commencement Day”