Day 1: Stamp, Sights, Stuff & Spaghetti

Do you remember the first stamp you got on your passport? If you’ve had the privilege of traveling outside of your home country, then I’m sure you remember your first passport stamp (unless you were a international traveling tot or something), well mine was today! I was pretty disappointed about not being able to takeContinue reading “Day 1: Stamp, Sights, Stuff & Spaghetti”

International Sunrise & Orchid Surprise

Watching the sunrise from above the clouds on my way across the world, wow, what a thrill! This is my first international flight, and at first I was really excited about the time to sleep, read, work… well you don’t know, what you don’t know, right?! I boarded the flight at 12:20a Saturday morning andContinue reading “International Sunrise & Orchid Surprise”

I’m On A Mission…

…well almost! The seed was first planted in my heart in 2012 when a good friend of mine came back from a mission trip to Cambodia! I asked the poor guy probably 100 questions that night and I was even holding back (which isn’t really out of character, I nicknamed myself “Queen of Questions” backContinue reading “I’m On A Mission…”

Living a Sinful Christian Life

I remember the first time I really contemplated “sin”, I was at church… fitting right? It was a couple years ago, I had recently started going to church and during the sermon the topic of sin came up. I looked at my husband, baffled, and asked him “what is sin?” I felt really stupid forContinue reading “Living a Sinful Christian Life”

Eye Saga – The Details

Well life happens. Things happen. And in my case, my retina detached from my eye in2016, at the young, tender age of thirty-something. After getting assessed at Kaiser Ophthalmology in August, I was immediately referred to the ER at UC Davis Hospital Medical Center for further assessment. That is when I realized that I hadContinue reading “Eye Saga – The Details”