International Sunrise & Orchid Surprise

Watching the sunrise from above the clouds on my way across the world, wow, what a thrill! This is my first international flight, and at first I was really excited about the time to sleep, read, work… well you don’t know, what you don’t know, right?! I boarded the flight at 12:20a Saturday morning andContinue reading “International Sunrise & Orchid Surprise”

I’m On A Mission…

…well almost! The seed was first planted in my heart in 2012 when a good friend of mine came back from a mission trip to Cambodia! I asked the poor guy probably 100 questions that night and I was even holding back (which isn’t really out of character, I nicknamed myself “Queen of Questions” backContinue reading “I’m On A Mission…”

Living a Sinful Christian Life

I remember the first time I really contemplated “sin”, I was at church… fitting right? It was a couple years ago, I had recently started going to church and during the sermon the topic of sin came up. I looked at my husband, baffled, and asked him “what is sin?” I felt really stupid forContinue reading “Living a Sinful Christian Life”

Eye Saga – The Details

Well life happens. Things happen. And in my case, my retina detached from my eye in2016, at the young, tender age of thirty-something. After getting assessed at Kaiser Ophthalmology in August, I was immediately referred to the ER at UC Davis Hospital Medical Center for further assessment. That is when I realized that I hadContinue reading “Eye Saga – The Details”