Our Unbelievable Adventure

I’ve told our story about a dozen times or so over the past 3 years, and every time it’s just as marvelous, magical, and unimaginable as when it was all happening and unraveling before our eyes. When people ask WHY we moved from California to Ohio, my husband usually jokes and says “we lost a bet”… but is the real reason – and it’s pretty UNBELIEVABLE!

A Thankful Holiday

Well, it’s 2020. Holidays during a pandemic, the most traveled time of the year… and countries, states, cities across the world are encouraging people to stay home and not have gatherings for the holidays. In an effort to decrease “social mobility”, many places are taking action to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. CaliforniaContinue reading “A Thankful Holiday”

Transformational Beauty

I have change in my heart and transformation on my mind. Here in Northeast Ohio, the colors are exploding and transforming before my very eyes. I was out photographing the marvel of this season recently and the first tree I came upon had these gorgeous reddish, orange leaves. I wanted a different perspective, so IContinue reading “Transformational Beauty”