Every day should be a ‘holiday/reason/opportunity’ to celebrate love! And April 18th is my family ‘s special holiday to honor and celebrate all the love in our life🎉

OK- full disclosure (it’s not a secret) I love to celebrate! Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Well, I’ve loved to celebrate “the little things” for a long time now, before I even knew about all those “National Holidays” (I found out about those several years ago and have been celebrating THAT MUCH MORE, ever since. I never told anyone, but a few years ago I even submitted an application for LOVE DAY to be a National Holiday… still waiting for that to happen). I’m pretty sure my love of celebrating started in my childhood. Being Hispanic and growing up with the beautiful culture – they like to PARTY! Fiestas for birthdays, all the cousins birthdays, Sundays, rites of passages (Quinceaneras), because it’s Friday, and on and on and on. AND my Mom always threw the best birthday parties for us too. So growing up with all those celebrations imprinted my heart, has continued to grow. This is how R Love Day celebration was born…

It was a beautiful spring day in Chico, California, 2006. Life was great – my husband and I were newlyweds, I was going to graduate college with honors the next month (the first one to graduate from a university from BOTH sides of my family – talk about a party!) and we had just found out we were pregnant. I went to check the mail and something really weird happened… we received 3 cards from different people for different things, all full of love! As I read the cards, I felt so overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

  • My sweet friend, who was one of my bridesmaids, and old San Diego roomie, had mailed us a lovely card with great pictures she took from our wedding!
  • My husband’s sister had mailed us a sweet card asking us to be Godparents of their baby girl!
  • My incredible sister (was 7 at the time) mailed me a card and wrote to tell me I was a “supercalafragileisticexpialadocious sister” (my sister doesn’t have hands, so for her to write all that out, really just melted my heart)!

Ok – so after gushing over these cards (who gets 3 awesome cards? out of the blue? on the same day?) my husband came home from work and the first thing he said was “guess what? I heard 3 SONGS from our wedding today!” And that was that… I showed him the cards and told him we should celebrate all the love in our life on April 18th, every year – and we have ever since!

Not only do we celebrate the love in our family, Love Day is our special day to celebrate the loved ones in our life. We love creating ‘tokens of love” to share with them. We’ve had a lot of fun creating something different and unique through the years from videos, house parties celebrating our family and friends, handmade cards, even “glitter bombs” (I thought it would be a fun reminder of our love as they found glitter in their house throughout the year, but I didn’t get much feedback on that one, haha). Every year is different – every celebration varies; we’ve gone away for weekend trips (SURPRISE, we’re going to Lake Tahoe), hiking and ice cream trips, bowling, picnic (& food fight) in our tree-house, surprise weekend away to Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Jelly Belly Factory tour, couples massages/pampering day <my favorite>, and in 2018 we planned our biggest Love Day adventure yet … we planned to start “R Big Life Adventure” move across the country on Love Day. But selling our house, escrow, and divine intervention had other plans – which pushed us out a week or so. So last year we celebrated at Benihana’s.

And that’s our Love Day story. We enjoy our special little holiday every year – something not sponsored by Hallmark with inflated flower prices and full dinner reservations, but our unique time to appreciate our family and friends and the abundance of love in our life. Here’s a little peek into a few of our past Love Day celebrations:

Last year was our first time celebrating Love Day in Ohio and we are also right in the middle of a big home renovation so we stayed local, enjoyed the festivities together, and shared our special holiday in our new Ohio life too! I’m in love with how the cards turned out and ended up sending out 50 of them (confession: each year, in the middle of creating these handmade cards/creations, it can feel overwhelming. BUT, I just have to remind myself how blessed and grateful I am to have so many loved ones to celebrate and create these for – it fills me up and rejuvenates me every time!). The card was inspired YEARS AGO… I’ve been on a kick for a few years now, learning about other people’s ‘Bucket List’. As a big dreamer myself, I love to hear others’ dreams too so this year I introduced a reincarnated idea, The Living Celebration List / TLC List (“Bucket List” has always felt so morbid to me).

“Life is a gift and the world is our playground, let’s celebrate!”IMG_27092019 Love Day festivities: We started the day with a “Love Day” basket of gifts for the family, then dropped off donuts for the staff at each of my kid’s school and our church (I gotta think of a better alternative than these sugary devils, but they’re SO CONVENIENT).

I had been commissioned to create a piece of art for my daughter’s Montessori class for their annual fundraiser auction and was inspired to have the children decorate it for a gift for the teachers – I gave to them for Love Day, and they did LOVE IT!

IMG_2731Funny thing about giving: it really does feel so good to give – much better than to receive. One can “receive” a lot when giving, so really it’s a double WIN! It fills my heart immensely.

We made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for our neighborhood Safety Department and enjoyed delivering those to the heroes of our community! Luckily, it was a gorgeous day so we were able to walk around our neighborhood delivering Love Day cards too.

Turns out, we celebrated at HIBATCHI again- we love us some hibatchi (& trying out new restaurants too)!

This year, during a pandemic / Stay At Home order, our celebrations will look much different, but nonetheless, we’ll still be celebrating R little family holiday! We enjoy brainstorming weeks before about what we’re going to create for Love Day cards. We made these crosses, with cards to send out, and prayed for each and every person who we made one for.

And that’s a wrap! A little peak into our Love Day through the years, how it started, and what it’s all about!  Today, on Love Day (April 18), or any day you feel moved – share your love; write a card, give a hug, call a friend, make cookies for your local heroes, volunteer your time somewhere out of the norm. You’ll never know the impact it’ll have on someone else’s life. And if you already do, I’D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Does your family have a special holiday they celebrate? Or, how do you celebrate love in your life? Comment or message me

Happy Love Day & lots of love from our family to yours!

“But these things remain. Faith, hope and love: but the greatest of these is love.” 1Cor 13:13

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