S.A.D. Has Stolen My Joy

Welp, here we are. A few more weeks until Spring and this California girl is S U F F E R I N G with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Today, on National ‘I Want You to Be Happy’ Day, I’m here to share that SAD has stolen my joy.
I experienced it last year, mid-Feb, so this winter I was “proactive” and have been using a ‘light therapy lamp’ most days. But SAD has been creeping in for a while now and hit me really hard the past few days. I’m feeling so gloomy, hard to get out of bed, no motivation to do anything, no inspiration or joy – in 1 syllable, I’m “meh”.

IMG_7889All this got me thinking… the importance of self-care.
No, I haven’t been exercising regularly.
No, my diet hasn’t been as good as it should be.
It’s my fault for not being more proactive in dealing with this. There are so many things we can do to help alleviate symptoms for many disorders and to strengthen our mental health, on a daily basis. I went to the doctors yesterday for some “happy pills”, really just as band-aid to get me through, and I’m sure it will help, but there is a lot more I could be doing (and should have been doing) to deal with this. But when you feel depressed and unmotivated – it’s hard to do what needs to get done.
IMG_7458Which got me thinking a little deeper:
Incredible empathy and admiration for those who experience mental health disorders, of all kinds, every day.
I have a few really close family members and friends who battle depression and mental health disorders – every day. YOU are an inspiration to me (well, once I get my inspiration back). Everyone who deals with chronic illness, seen or unseen, and continues to function in life – your strength is admirable. Sometimes it’s just strength to go outside, or run an errand, or even get out of bed each day, or go to school/work… I applaud YOU for your courage and resilience to battle every day. IMG_7891I love what the National Day website says about happiness: “Genuine happiness takes effort. While we’re not individually responsible for other’s happiness, we do play a role in spreading joy and good cheer. One way to do that is to see happiness from another person’s perspective. Happiness doesn’t fit a mold. Everything from being a morning person or a night owl, a favorite season and seafood can make or break a person’s general idea of happiness. A person’s overall journey through life gives them a unique outlook on happiness, too.”

So on this “I Want You To Be Happy Day” – I’d love to hear what you do to make yourself happy and care for yourself…


One thought on “S.A.D. Has Stolen My Joy

  1. I try to think of something I like to do but haven’t done for a while and do it. Such as — listening to music. Today I was feeling tired and yucky and decided to start a Lenten journal. I went back and remembered the Ash Wednesday service, and Saturday’s church women’ retreat, and filled in the intervening days. That, and some ice tea and chocolate with lunch, helped. (Next time I’ll probably listen to music.)


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