Discovering Ohio

It’s been almost 3 months since we have arrived at our new home state, Ohio… and WOW what an adventure ALREADY! From figuring out where to put all our stuff (who’s sleeping where, and where to put ALL my coffee mugs, etc), to figuring out where the local grocery store is, (and Hobby Lobby, coffee shops and Costco…you know, the essentials), to how people drive over here (slow, real slow), and even how to dress (I still haven’t really figured that out with all the humidity and rain) AND WE’VE LOVED (almost) every second of it! We had to forfeit our CA drivers license to get an Ohio one, I wasn’t prepared for that and almost cried at the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles), I kinda felt like I was giving up a piece of my identity. Silly I know, but it’s a part of my journey and assimilating into a new state / township / community across the country has been emotional at times (like in the middle of the BMV or the grocery store not knowing where/if they have our favorite peanut butter). Along with researching new schools for the kids, getting set up with medical providers and lots of other stuff I can’t think of right now – we get to discover our new beautiful town! We live minutes away from a national park and ski resort and lots of gorgeous sights… wow, what an adventure! So much more to share about this, but we recently met up with a cousin and visited a beautiful State park just minutes from our house – Virginia Kendall State Park and had a delightful time hiking and exploring… here are some highlights:

So that’s it for now, just a quick check in… i’m a busy lady with all this establishing a new life business for me and my family! Will report back later…

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