Crying Over Creamer…

…and tears over toilet paper? Yep that’s me!

img_5250-1Planning on packing up our family’s life and moving across the country is emotional, and a lot of hard work, that’s a given. And we’re doing it! We decided a few months ago to go to move across the country; we sold our home, (in 3 days!), quit our jobs in CA (yay! hubby was able to relocate his 20yr career to Ohio), and in less than 3 weeks we’re starting our big Eastward migration, 2400 miles (or so) to Ohio! We’ve had a lot of celebrations and “goodbyes” over the last few weeks and of course that’s emotional. Everything I seem to do these past few months remind me “this is the last time______ in California”, and all in all, I’ve been emotionally stable, solid, and excited for this next chapter. But there have been some things that totally catch me off guard, like grocery shopping the other day: I was buying the usual, went to get my favorite creamer, was stopped in my tracks and faced with a very real-to-me quandary “how many do I buy?” Silly, I know, but that was the first time I thought “we’re moving soon, quantities matter now”, and I realized I have to start thinking about THAT too. And then I got sad after I realized that that this may be the last time I go shopping at my favorite grocery store, and then the thought about having to find A NEW grocery store and new types of our favorite food almost put me into an anxiety attack in the dairy aisle. After a big sigh about how silly all this is about CREAMER (but not really about creamer), I gain my composure, head to the TP isle and had another dilimma: 24mega roll pack or 12? And there I was, teary eyed in the grocery store getting emotional about creamer and TP.

The End

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