Packing Party Commencement Day

Written January 12, 2018:

And the day is here… img_3656I’m starting to pack and feeling exhilarated and nervous all at the same time. Lots of packing to do, and even more purging ahead. We’ve lived in our home for 8 years, we completed our family here, so I have a plethora of memories, momentos, and STUFF to sort through and process. Three piles: 1) Purge 2) Pack 3) Donate

I’m feeling inspired through this process because it’s literally a fresh new start. As I go through Every. Single. Thing. in my home, I have to ask the question “do I want to move this across the country?” I’m just glad that I read the book ” the life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo

img_3657-1It’s really amazing how God prepares our heart. I got that book a few years ago and got serious about decluttering and organizing my life and my home. Last year I went through a “pruning” stage in my life. I called it my “Life Purge”. As I collected boxes at work, donated several Suburban loads full of unwanted items, got more serious about my health, completed my first fast (& a few since then too), started therapy… I told people I was going through a life purge and cleaning up all areas in my life. And as it fits with gardening, and pruning… The fruits of labor begin to blossom.

I have a few months to prepare our home, or family and our life to move across the country and start anew. Exhilaratingly terrifying. And the adventure continues…

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