God, Was That You?

I started this blog post on November 19, 2017:

I often hear people sharing stories about how God “talked to them”; God told me this, or God said that… I’ve never HEARD God, but I surely have been lead by the Holy Spirit (usually I obey, but sometimes I’m embarrassed or not brave enough to obey, and I ignore- which is really hard to admit!) but I have received messages through other people, have been moved and “spoken to” in worship, and been divinely inspired while reading the living Word… all signs point to God.

Continued the post today – Jan 30, 2018

God’s perfect timing does not escape me! I find it really incredible, and almost unfathomable at how perfect His timing is. As I started this blog post just 2 short months ago, ruminating about how God speaks to us all differently, never would I ever have imagined that my whole life would change, that quick – with a message from God.

It’s not time to share that calling / message just yet, but each one of us can experience it if we just seek Him, ask Him, knock on that door and He WILL open it… all in His impeccable timing (which almost always doesn’t line up with the timing and WHAT we THINK we NEED). Matt7-7boldSo, today as I marvel at the wonders of our Creator, amazed that he even cares enough to speak to me, little ol me, and you… I wonder, how has God spoken to you? I realize this may be a far fetched concept and non-believers may not “believe” that God communicates with us, or thinks we’re just crazy, or imagining it all – but those of use who truly have a relationship with God, those of us who have been adopted as His children, those of us who believe, we also receive, and receiving communications from God is just a piece to his majestic puzzle.

I’d really love to hear YOUR experiences with God, and how he has spoken to you?…

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