It’s a God Thing

This morning as I was walking into work, a co-worker had left a sweet gift in my mailbox with a little, super moisturizer and some chocolate kisses. I immediately went to her to say THANKS, and show her how impeccable her timing is! I had an empty bottle of hand cream in my purse that I had used up yesterday, and my hands are so severely dry they’re peeling (+ impacted with some eczema I get here and there). After showing her how grateful I was from her thoughtful, and PERFECT gift she said “It’s a God thing”…

YES! It’s really real. And kinda hard to believe!  But I see God working everywhere! He is constantly showing me signs, putting things together for me and blessing me from the smallest things (such as hand cream, or a Bible verse) to the biggest things (my wonderful husband, family, health, and beyond). It brings to mind this verse I just read yesterday during my devotional…


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