Oh My Jeepneys!

CHRISTMAS PARTY in the Province made for an early start with the bus leaving ‪at 6am on Tuesday morning, because it’s a 3 hour drive to our destination. Oh, about that drive…

Have you ever seen the animated movie, “The Bee Movie” with Jerry Seinfield? Well, there is a scene in the movie showing the bees driving around in a beautiful, chaotic harmony that reminds me of my experience of being a passenger in the Philippines. There aren’t many TRAFFIC LIGHTS, or STOP SIGNS or much “organized” order (as it appeared to this foreigner) BUT there is this incredible, intuitive dance that all the drivers seem to do; driving in-between lanes, passing on any lane, swooping around scooters and bikes and jeepneys and trikes and sidecars and pedestrians… It’s pretty frighteningly fantastic! Of all the hours, of all the days, of all the traffic of all driving we did… I didn’t see, or experience 1 FENDER BENDER! Which seemed like a miracle to me. I had to hold in many “gasps, shrieks and cringes” as I white knuckled the dash handlebar and trusted our driver who expertly maneuvered through the iconic Manila traffic.  As I continue to reflect on my trip, I’d have to say that the traffic and incredible driving skills of the Filipinos was one of the most surprising parts. So, of course I had to create a piece of art as a tribute to that! “Ode to the Jeepney”

Jeepneys poster_TLC.jpg

This “Jeepney” poster is a piece of history preserved and showcased straight from the streets of Manila, Philippines. It is a vibrant and fun tribute to the local transportation in the Philippines, so beautifully and practically utilized after the United States left and/or sold their surplus military Jeep Wyllis to the Filipinos.

If you’d like to boast some Jeepney pride and showcase a piece of modern history, this Jeepney poster is for sale and a portion of the profits will be donated to Extreme Response International organization! Just click on the poster above for more info or to purchase.

Keep an eye out for the next post because I’ll be featuring the wonderful Christmas parties I had the honor of participating in, stay tuned…



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