International Sunrise & Orchid Surprise

Watching the sunrise from above the clouds on my way across the world, wow, what a thrill! This is my first international flight, and at first I was really excited about the time to sleep, read, work… well you don’t know, what you don’t know, right?! I boarded the flight at 12:20a Saturday morning and walked into this scene… I was ESTATIC! What a delightfully comfortable 13 hour flight this is going to be!IMG_0496.JPGThen it immediately donned on me that this was first class, surely not the class I’m in! So after finding my seat, in the middle, towards the back, I stowed all my carry-ons up and away and tried to get settled in. I quickly discover that sleeping on the plane was mostly impossible. I watched a few movies, slept for a few (I have no idea how long, a couple hours or so) but I’m going to lie to myself and tell myself I got 6 hours of restful sleep!

Landed in Taiwan and was surprised with this delightful area, AN ORCHID ROOM!!

3 hours layover right now, then a quick 2hr flight Manilla and we’ll get there around Noon on Sunday. Time travel is a trip!

And the adventure continues…

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